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10 Happy Gifts to Make Someone Smile

It’s no fun to see someone you care about in a funk. These 10 gifts are great for family, friends, significant others, and co-workers – because everyone deserves to start their day with a smile.

Sticky Notes Motivational Quotes - Emoji Inspiration, Lunch Box Notes. Love Letters & Words of Wisdom for Random Acts of Kindness - 5 Pads 50 Sheets/Pad (Super Pack) [ $20.49 ]
Sometimes all it takes to make someone smile is letting them know you’re thinking of them. Drop one of these notes in their lunch to make sure their heart, along with their stomach, is full.
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10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

It’s International Coffee Day! Here at Gifted Idea, we’ll use any occasion to indulge in a mug of java. Take a minute today to delight your favorite coffee addict. We’ve done the work for you and identified 10 gift ideas to help you celebrate International Coffee Day. Share the joy of caffeine!

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill [ $44.46 ]
Preparing coffee with a grinder and fresh beans will allow your home brew to rival any café’s. This item can be customized to yield very coarse to very fine grounds and a volume equivalent to 4 to 18 brewed cups.
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10 Housewarming Gifts for New Neighbors

It’s that time of year where not only are the seasons changing but so are zip codes. Let Gifted Idea take the hassle out of picking the perfect housewarming gift. Here are 10 hand picked gifts for the new homeowner in your life that will ensure you get an invite back after the housewarming party.

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System (CF110) [ $94.55 ]
This gift is perfect for the coffee enthusiast in your life.  Now they can make their favorite (non)caffeinated drinks in the comfort of their new home without breaking the bank at expensive coffee shops.
BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Toaster, Red, TR1278RM [ $24.99 $18.48 ]
Yes, this gift is a basic necessity for a new homeowner, BUT make it more by adding reusable toaster bags – perfect for easy late night grilled cheese..
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12 Great Gift Ideas for Comic Book Fans

Having trouble shopping for a big comic book lover? Maybe they already have an extensive collection, or maybe you’re lost because you’re not much of a fan yourself. Either way, here at Gifted Idea, we can help!

X-Men Wolverine Claws, Pair [ $24.99 ]
For years we have all wanted to feel like Wolverine.  While science has not given us a way to heal like Logan, we can finally feel what it’s like to wield his Weapon-X claws.  These are not for children.  These are adult-only stainless steel berserker toys!
PPW Marvel Comics Thor Mr. Potato Head Toy Figure [ $19.99 $17.88 ]
For a more wholesome toy, what could be better than Mr.
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