Chances are there are a musicians in your life; whether they’re tickling the ivories or strumming your heartstrings, you want to make sure you’re connecting with them on their level. Well never fret. We’ve got 14 Musical Gift Ideas for Musicians that will be music to their ears!

1. Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Pick Punch Mega Gift Pack

If you’ve ever met or jammed with a guitarist, you know that one thing is true. No one ever remembers to bring a pick and there’s always somehow never enough guitar picks to go around. Enter the Pick Punch. Whether you have an old credit card or use the 15 starter strips, this gift will have them rockin’ whenever or wherever.

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2. Basic Cigar Box Guitar Kit

This gift is sure to please the DIY crowd and the musician who has it all! The cigar box guitar is definitely a niche instrument but will provide hours of fun and exploration for musicians of all ages. Tracing its roots back to the early 1800s, it’s safe to say that this is truly a classic instrument.

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3. The Original MASHTAPE --Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

If you’re a child of the 80’s like myself, you remember spending hour after hour dubbing that perfect mixtape for that special someone in your life. Gone the way of the dinosaurs are tapes (and heck, even CDs!), but the idea of the mixtape still resonates. Whether you’re a Lloyd Dobler or just looking for a unique way to promote your band’s demo, this USB Cassette has you covered!

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4. Musician's Dice

Any musician will tell you that the most difficult part of writing a new tune is getting started. Finding that inspiration without relying on your safety net of familiar chord progressions is often times a cause to just give up. Not anymore. These dice are truly unique in that you’ll be inspired to try new patterns and phrases you’ve never imagined. Just give them a roll and off you go!

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5. littleBits Electronics Synth Kit

This is another unique DIY gift with endless possibilities. Brought to you by Korg – a name that’s been trusted by synth enthusiasts for years – this gift lets you control the action by giving you the building blocks to make your own synth. Combined with other products in the Little Bits series, the possibilities are endless!

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6. Snark SN1X Clip-On Chromatic Tuner (Current Model)

Being a seasoned musician for over 20 years, I can tell you first and foremost that this will quickly become the cornerstone in any musician’s arsenal. Whether you need to make sure your guitar or bass is in tune during a gig or are just learning the trumpet and need to make sure your tone is consistent, this tuner has you covered. Just clip it and play. It’s that simple to always know you’re in tune. (And yes, I own 5 of these and regularly give them out as gifts myself.)

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7. These are Difficult Times Funny Tee

This t-shirt speaks for itself with a clever pun that will have your musician friend rolling with laughter. Bonus: it’s a great conversation starter in both music and non-music circles!

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8. Vintage Vinyl Record Beverage Table Coasters

Who said vinyl is dead? With the resurgence of the dated musical medium, these coasters will be the talk of their next social gathering by providing a non-slip surface for your drinks in style!

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9. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs

If there’s one thing that’s invaluable to any musician, it’s their ability to hear. It’s not uncommon to hear older musicians saying “I wish I knew better sooner.” Help them avoid that mistake and give them a gift that will stick with them for life.

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10. Pluginz Jack Rack Vintage Guitar Amp Key Holder

This is both brilliant AND practical! Hang up your keys in style after a hard day’s night work and never misplace them again.

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11. Encore Board Game

Fun for family game night or at their next party, this game will prove EVERYONE can sing! This is sure to be a big hit with the charades crowd and who knows, maybe your friend is the next American Idol?

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12. Vintage Wood 15 Note Mechanism Musical Box

This sweet gift let’s you build your own music box. The set comes with both music strips ready to play and also blank sheets to create your own melody. Have a special song to share with your loved one? Now you can program it into something they can cherish forever.

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13. Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

This is the second synth gift on this list but boy is it a cool one! Teenage Engineering takes the hassle out of building your own synth but keeps all the fun of tweaking knobs and settings to make something cool. The best part is, multiple synths can be daisy-chained together to make your own complex opus. With 7 different boards available, you can build for days!

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14. The Ultimate Fake Book (for C Instruments)

This book is the ultimate secret weapon in any musician’s gig bag! Providing the chords and lead notes for over 1200 songs ranging from oldies to new, your musician will have everything they need to be the hit of their next gig, party or social gathering!

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Not finding anything that strikes a chord with you? No problem!

Just ask us for help and your musician can keep on rockin’ in the free world in style!

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