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12 Gift Ideas For Disney Lovers

It all started on a chilly fall day in 1928, a down on his luck animator gave birth to a new animated character: our beloved loving friend Mickey Mouse! This year Mickey is celebrating his 87th birthday and Gifted Idea wants to help you celebrate along with him. Here our some gift ideas for the […]

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8 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Harry Potter

Here at Gifted Idea we know that expert gift givers come in all shapes and sizes, so when it came time to pick out some gifts for the little ones, we turned to our resident 9-year-old to type up what kind of Harry Potter gifts HE would want. We liked the idea so much, that […]

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12 Gift Ideas For Veterans

“Not all heroes wear capes.” It’s a quote we hear so often that sometimes we lose sight of its meaning. The exception is anyone who has a loved one who is serving or has served in the military. These incredible folks are ready to lay their life on the line for the safety and protection […]

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8 Smart Home Gift Ideas (From Beginner to Expert)

The recent developments in technology have paved the way for proper smart homes. Home automation takes all the pain away from manually managing every task and makes control and monitoring of the home possible even remotely via smart devices. Our friends at Intelligent Home Blog help us look at some of the best smart home […]

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10 STEM Gift Ideas for Smart Kids

Some kids may associate science, technology, engineering, and math with the word “difficult” or “boring.” These 10 STEM gifts will expand their views on these subjects in fun ways that will bring out their creativity and problem solving skills. Not seeing anything you like? No problem! Just Ask our Idea Team for suggestions and we’ll […]

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11 Gift Ideas Vegans Will Love

Show your plant powered pals some love. These veggie inspired gifts will let them know you kale, err care about them. Here are 11 vegan gifted ideas for your favorite herbivore. Not seeing anything you like? Well don’t just veg about! Ask our Idea Team and we’ll make it “snap pea” to find you the […]

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