Shopping for a present for a bookish friend can be tedious. I mean, what more could they want, besides books? Well, speaking as someone who loves books, there’s a lot of things out there on the web that I’d want!

Below I’ve compiled a list of the 12 best gift ideas for the book-lover in your life.

1. Moon Bookmark

I know it seems outdated, but bookmarks are the one thing that all book-lovers use, but are always in need of, because they’re so easy to lose! It’s the most affordable and useful gift on our list, and it conveniently comes with free shipping.

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2. LED Clip Reading Light

For book-lovers who struggle with reading at night, this LED reading light is the perfect gift. It’s rechargeable, and rotates 360 degrees so while their partner or other family members are sleeping, they can easily direct the light for easy reading.

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3. Floating Bookshelves

If the person you’re shopping for is known to mix chic style with convenience, take a look at these floating bookshelves. They can be put on just about any wall, and are the perfect gift for anyone that owns more than a few books.

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4. Bookworm Duvet Cover

Take a peek at these duvet covers that truly embody the book-lover at heart. These covers are designed with multiple books, capable of reminding them of their love for books even when they’re dreaming.

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5. Leather Journal Diary

Sometimes what avid readers need the most isn't a book, it’s a journal. What better way to write down a note or a character analysis than this stylish leather notebook? If the book lover in your life loves writing as well as reading, this is the perfect gift.

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6. Bed Prism Glasses

Whether they’re feeling a little tired, or just to want to lay down on the couch while reading, these Prism reading glasses will give them the comfort of lying totally flat on their back while reading their favorite book.

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7. Book-Scented Candle

Want a wacky gift for the reader in your life? Give them this book-scented candle, and watch as their eyes widen when they light it and smell the aroma. These little candles actually smell of books, and are a perfect gift idea for someone who can’t get enough of books.

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8. Book Stand

Whether they’re tired of holding their books upright while reading, or just want to free their hands to enjoy a nice cup of wine, this book stand is both practical and a great gift idea for the book lover in your life.

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9. Book Addict Mug

Nothing beats having a good mug of refreshing coffee or tea during the morning especially when reading a book. This Book Addict mug is the perfect gift idea for the book lover who also loves coffee.

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10. Bucket List of Books

This is probably one of the best gift ideas for anyone who wants to read more: A scratch-off poster filled with 100 books. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves books, but doesn’t always know what to read.

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11. Agate Bookends

If they’re trying to find a stylish yet effective way of organizing their books, give them agate bookends. These uniquely colored geodes can really add some sophistication to any plain bookshelf, and is a great gift.

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12. Personal Library Kit

Think fast: What’s something that every book-lover wants, but thinks they can’t have? Stumped? Here’s the answer: Their own library. Or, in this case, their own library system. While you’re probably not gonna be able to buy your book-lover a library, what you can do is buy them a personal library kit, that will allow them to masterfully organize and share their books.

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Shopping for book lovers isn’t the easiest, but it can be fun! People that enjoy reading are usually content with gifts that allow them to organize their books better, or motivate them to read more.

And if you don’t want to shop more, let us help you take care of your holiday shopping list!

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