As excited as most siblings become about a newborn’s debut, sometimes, the adjustments can be a little difficult. A gift from baby to their new big brother or sister is a wholesome way to celebrate the milestone and create a keepsake they will look back on. Help us find the perfect gifts to thank them for being an awesome older sibling, from someone who will look up to them as important role models.


You submitted your best ideas and helped vote the best to the top. Here they are, starting with the very best!


Crowdsourced Contest Results

C.R. Gibson Blue Cape 'Big Brother' Cape Children's Costume...
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danielfannar says:

"Helps the older brother feel proud of being a big brother instead of scared of their new role!"

Big Brother & Little Sister Siblings Set - Security For My...
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danielfannar says:

"Helps make the older child feel protective of the new baby"

Baby Handprint Kit |NO MOLD| Baby Picture Frame, Baby...
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sweetheartiam says:

"I think my idea is so great because who wouldn't want a hand print of their own baby sis or bro, it is a sweet memory that will bring in tears of joy."

NAS AOSTAR 2 in 1 Pillow Blanket Plush Stuffed Animal Toys...
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hrhahn17 says:

"The older sibling will likely lose a lot of sleep due to the newborn baby - this lets the baby "apologize" to the older sibling."

Elder Sibling Gift Idea - I'm A Big Sister - Cute Girls'...
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kayeray11 says:

"This is the perfect gift for a big sister! "

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth...
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BBBence1111 says:

"From tbe baby. Read: From the Perpetual Crying Machine."

Pearhead DIY Family Handprint Frame and Paint Kit, Gray...
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adams008 says:

"It is a keepsake item to help commemorate a birth in the family. "

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justinphillips7w says:

"Lego worlds would be great for slightly older kids as it is imaginative and not based around violence"

Cocoon Cam Plus - Baby Monitor with Breathing Monitoring...
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gabriey says:

"They're your family and you should want them to be safe and sound. Getting a baby monitor is a great idea to help keep them save."

Guardians of The Galaxy Action Figures Baby Model Pen Holder...
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neilt5578 says:

"I think this is a great idea for an older sibling. Firstly, growing a plant would help teach the older sibling resposibility and how to take care of a plant just like how one should take care of a younger sibling. Also, growing a plant promotes a green environment which a sibling should strive to teach as a role model. Also if the older sibling is around teenage years or younger, he or she would love Groot from Marvel movies like the Avengers as he is one of the main characters and he's funny."

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game Inspired by Fortnite...
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marakpa says:

"You've probably heard about (or or even played) Fortnite. Today kids and pre-teens have a craze with the game, but single-player computer games can sometimes keep them away from friends or guests... That's why Fortnite Monopoly is great, not only is a multiplayer board game to keep them out of the screens, but also a classic almost anybody can play. And they'll love the theme."