For loved ones living with limited mobility, finding gifts is an awesome way to make their lives easier. They will appreciate products that help them perform everyday tasks without overexerting themselves, allowing for more time for things they enjoy! Help us find helpful or entertaining items which help those who can’t really get around, live more comfortable lives!


You submitted your best ideas and helped vote the best to the top. Here they are, starting with the very best!


Crowdsourced Contest Results

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Outlet Light Switch for...
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lnhindman says:

"allows control of many devices from right where you are via remote!"

RMS 32 Inch Extra Long Grabber Reacher - Rotating Gripper...
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moneysfw says:

"It simply solves many of the daily problems a person with limited mobility has to face, like being unable to stand up and reach high shelves etc'. Useful and considerate gift."

EZ Off Jar Opener For All Jar Sizes, White
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danielfannar says:

"One of the most overlooked problems for people with limited mobility (and honestly most of us at some point) is opening jars."

Innuovo Intelligent lightweight foldable Electric...
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chrberge says:

"This ride will take you everywhere! "