As if! The 90’s provided iconic dance moves, timeless sayings and most importantly, awesome people who grew up in one of the most important decades. Luckily, its presence is still so fetch thanks to television reboots, updates to classic gadgets and throwback parties! Help us find gifts that are all that and a bag of chips to remind 90’s kids of their favorite childhood memories.


You submitted your best ideas and helped vote the best to the top. Here they are, starting with the very best!


Crowdsourced Contest Results

Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Toy
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danielfannar says:

"Lite-Brite is a classic toy from the 90's and it's still cozy to play around with, especially if you have kids"

Nintendo Game Boy Throw Blanket
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timothyliu512 says:

"90s kids loved playing on their Nintendo gameboys. I myself liked playing the original pokemon on it! This is very nostalgic"

uideazone Men Women 3D Graffiti Long Sleeve Shirt The 90s...
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nsharas says:

"Anybody growing up in the 90s know that design on party cups. "

FIVE DEALS Easy Bake Oven Star Edition + Chocolate Chip and...
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kesy says:

"Many girls could not contain their excitement due to the chance to "cook like mommy" with the Easy Bake Oven! This toy brings so many elements of nostalgia, as even if you did not have one, you knew about the Easy Bake Oven and wanted one!"

Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console
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prabh070999 says:

"Ideal to gift to a brother/cousin/friend or a family member who you used to play with a lot when you were younger but have not gotten the time to do the same for years."

Ghostbusters Mattel Exclusive Prop Replica Neutrino Wand
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Mkasabi51 says:

"Most of the 90's kid remember ghost busters and we all love to have some of their gadgets"

Nickelodeon Lunchbox 90s Cartoon Lunchbox - Nickelodeon...
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Vivlaur says:

"If you're a 90s Child, surely you enjoyed the Rugrats growing up."

iMW Wired Gaming Controller for NES Classic Edition
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casheconomy16 says:

"Although it was released near the end of the 90's the super nes classic represents the primary entertainment device of children in the 90's. It's hard to go wrong with a nes."

Elesa Miracle 20pcs Crystal Rhinestone Mini Butterfly Hair...
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reapergirl says:

"These classic sparkly Butterfly Hair Clips will give you the ultimate 90s 'do!"

XL Crash Bandicoot Cable Guy - Controller and Device Holder
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stemo97hq says:

"This is the perfect nostalgic gift for someone who ever played and loves the videogames. So you can remember that every time that you going to play with the current devices. "

Pyramid America Friends Milkshake Poster Print
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nirmal497 says:

"It is a classic poster from the show FRIENDS. I know that all the 90's kids basically grew up watching that sitcom. It will be a major hit of nostalgia for them."

Nintendo New 3DS XL - Super NES Edition + Super Mario Kart...
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loveladytime says:

"I can't say my idea is the greatest but every 90's kid knows how cool and nostalgic it is to have a Nintendo gameboy and play that famous Super Mario game everybody knows about. Brings back childhood."

Street Fighter II The Animated Movie Blu Ray [Blu-ray]
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josiahakers77 says:

"Many kids grew up playing Street Fighter II in the 90s. What better way to bring back nostalgia than a movie based around the game?"

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game
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loveladytime says:

"This is a classic board game that most 90s kids like to play. It's almost impossible to not know about this game."