Whether you know someone who captures moments for a living or as a hobby, the right gear can make all the difference. Snapping photos which freeze time and create lifetime memories, is no easy task and should be rewarded! Help us find photo-enhancing gifts that will put a smile on your favorite photographer’s face each time they boast, "say cheese!"


You submitted your best ideas and helped vote the best to the top. Here they are, starting with the very best!


Crowdsourced Contest Results

Black & Ivory Scarf Camera Strap; New; Classic...
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collinswoodbleach says:

"Good during these cold days!"

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo (Silver Clip Only)
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lillimarieb says:

"This camera clip is a wonderful addition to any photographers arsenal. It clips securely to any backpack strap and allows the user to slide in their camera and use it on the go easily. "

AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod Stand With Bag...
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casheconomy16 says:

"Every photographer whether snappy or not needs to have a tripod to get fresh and accurate pictures devoid of noise. This tripod is a great and economical way to get started."

ExpoImaging ROGUEGELS-U Rogue Photographic Design Rogue Gels...
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kamerontgrayson says:

"For any photographer wanting to spice up their photos with a little bit of color. These gel bands outdo digital editing techniques because they work no matter when or where the photo was taken. Even if the Sun blocks your view, you can still get a photo with amazing quality. "

Phone Camera Lens Kit, 9 in 1 Zoom Universal Telephoto...
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reapergirl says:

"Photographers know that the best camera is the one you have with you. Help the photographer in your life by making sure they can always get a great shot with these cell phone lenses!"

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox 6x5" by Altura Photo...
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ishan0102 says:

"Portable light diffuser that gives photos a professional feel in a cost-effective way."

Potensic U36WH Drone with Camera, RC Quadcopter with 720P HD...
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albinofrog says:

"It's an affordable drone for your favorite photographer who wants to try ariel shots"

Beeway Tough Water Shock Resistant Protector Memory Card...
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josiahakers77 says:

"As photographers, we carry around tons of SD cards everywhere we go. Sometimes, they get to be a hassle to keep safe, dry, and organized. What better than a simple case to carry them in!"

Vintage Camera (#2) Upcycled Dictionary Art Print 8x10
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Jaers1 says:

"This simple medium utilizes antique dictionary pages as the backdrop for a intricate print of a vintage-style camera. Every print is different, as the company is truly using the concept of "upcycling" to its fullest ramifications."

Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for Photographers...
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stemo97hq says:

"The use of the software to improve the quality of the photos is really important at this time. This is why a book to know how to take advantage of this tools can make the difference for a Photographer. "

Amlong Crystal 6 inch Optical Glass Triangular Prism for...
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Mkasabi51 says:

"It's a glass prism, great gift for a photographers to take unique distorted shots, It really shows a different style of photography. "

EastVita Travel Coffee Mug, 24-105mm
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chubbyshlubby says:

"It a lens but it's also a mug - what could be better?"

Funny Photography Gifts For Women Men - Best Gift Ideas For...
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kayeray11 says:

"This is so cute! Every photographer would love this! "

SJOLOON 10x10ft Christmas Backdrops for Photography Wood...
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augusli says:

"I think this idea is great because it allows the photographer to take wonderful photos with a warm, Christmas background. Perfect for winter pictures."

MAUAG Funny Photographer Coffee Mug Christmas Gifts, I Shoot...
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ilijabusiness03 says:

"I am a huge fan of funny gifts and i know a lot of people who would like this. I think that this would be the best gift for a photographer there are also similiar versions for engineers and a lot more."

Penivo Camera Lens Fliters ND16 Neutral Density Filter for...
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nsharas says:

"Filters our cheap and they can add a great deal to a photo"

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp 20 Inch Real Working Light Xmas...
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chilibyevening says:

"A classic piece that is connected to the best holiday ever!"